Perfect earbuds,Amazing voice!

Perfect earbuds,Amazing voice!


After researching several, I decided to get these wireless earbuds. Main reason was I wanted to get something that would fit my small ears and these had different sizes. After I bought these, the seller emailed me a nice PDF sort of like a user guide on how to use and troubleshoot any issues.

They were super easy to connect to my phone via bluetooth, fasted I ever connecting anything via bluetooth. They fit snugly and comfortably in my ears. I was thinking the sound would not be that great since these are just earbuds. I was wrong, they sound great! The bass is definitely there. I decided to put the snug fit to the test and rode my bike with them on. No issues while riding my bike. Listening to music was awesome while riding my bike. Also, cleaning the house is pleasant now. It’s great to be wireless and hands-free while doing household chores.

I also played basketball with my son while wearing these and no issues while jumping up and down and running. I can’t wait to use this for my exercise (who am I kidding I barely exercise but this product has definitely made me want to). I also listened to audiobooks while in the backyard and they sounded great. I have not tested answering the phones with them on yet but I don’t anticipate any issues with that. The noise cancelling is above average in my opinion. It can drown out the wife and kids normal talking unless they are talking loud. Charging was painless, you just have to make sure the earbuds are put in the container the right way (it lights up when you do) and then just plug in the charging cable to the container. The battery life is great, I was able to use it 5-6 hours easily. I did not let it fully drain so don’t know how long it could have gone. I did not test the waterproof aspect but it held up to normal sweat well.

I recommend these to anyone looking to go wireless, do hands-free activities, want great fitting in your ear and want high quality sound.

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    i like it

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  3. I couldn’t refrain from commenting. Exceptionally well written!


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